the official pantry project


The Official Pantry Project aims to help the homeless by collecting excess food from restaurants, cafés, and bakeries, and distributing them to the needy at no cost. We are a team of high school students who want to help create a future without food waste.


Ananya Krishnan


Varsha Rammohan

VP of Operations

Why your help matters

As of 2010, 133 billion pounds of food were wasted by restaurants, stores and homes. Restaurants alone throw out 10% of the food they buy. In addition, 550,000+ people in the United States are homeless. 50% of these people are over the age of 50 and, therefore, may find it hard to work and earn money. The majority of the homeless also have no consistent meal plan and only eat when they are able to make money from panhandling or from very low-paying jobs. By partnering with us today, you can create a world of difference for these men and women.

Partnering with various cafés and restaurants

We are currently looking to partner with restaurants, bakeries, and cafés in the Los Altos and Cupertino downtown areas.


Gathering excess food 

By partnering with various restaurants and cafés, we will be able to save a lot of food that would otherwise be thrown out.

Delivering the food to the homeless

After establishing these partnerships, we will proceed to gather the food and donate it to food banks and homeless shelters, providing those in need with healthy, nutritious meals.

Helping the needy

We are going to gather the food and donate it to food banks and homeless shelters. We plan to focus on gathering nutritious food.

The majority of homeless shelters provide less healthy and nutritious food because they need to prepare in bulk and in the cheapest fashion. Because many homeless have dietary restrictions or may not have the money to buy healthy food items, we will make an effort to collect healthier food that provides sustenance and nutrition. 

As the charity expands, we hope to gather enough support to personally hand out food to the homeless on the streets.